Discover Australia - Melbourne and Sydney, and their fantastic surroundings - travel guide


itinerary available: in 2021

vacation in Australia:

  • G´day! Experience the best of Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Fly to the Antipodes and visit Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney.
  • Take a trip along the Great Ocean Road to the famous 12 Apostles, who however are neither twelve nor apostles but well worth the long journey. En route you will get to see koalas in their natural habitat and with a bit of luck even a kangaroo or a wallaby. Will you know the difference?
  • Or better do not rely on luck and get to a park, where you can feed kangaroos.
  • Dive into the streets of Melbourne. Small cafes and bistros seduce with tasty breakfast or afternoon coffee. How many sublime churches will you count while strolling through the city?
  • Watch the sunset and little penguins returning to their nests. Or take a look at the city through the "eye of Melbourne".
  • Have you heard of Ned Kelly, the most famous Australian bushranger executed in Melbourne? Would you dare to join a night tour in the bowels of a death row?
  • Discover what makes Sydney one of the best cities to live in, whether it is e.g. the perfect public transportation system, eye-pleasing architecture or those wonderful local beaches.
  • Climb to the very top of Harbour Bridge and treat yourself to a breathtaking view of the Sydney Opera House. Concert, ballet, opera? Do not satisfy yourself by taking a look from outside only and enjoy one of the many world class shows.
  • On Bondi Beach watch the overachieving surfers taming the swell or let the big waves make a funny pretzel of you. We will guide you to other beaches, too. Special nets shall protect you against sharks.
  • Enjoy short or long walks above tall cliffs and rough sea waters. You will stumble upon captivating places.
  • Listen to the legend of three sisters when taking a trip to the Blue Mountains which appeal to hikers of any level with waterfalls being just around the corner.
  • Replenish your energy in local restaurants of different flavors or your wardrobe and electronic equipment. And when leaving Australia lodge a claim for a refund of the goods and services tax.

what the itinerary can offer:

  • Choose the length of your stay according to your own preference. We recommend that you spend at least 10 days in Australia.
  • Preferably visit both Sydney and Melbourne but if you like, you can also stay in one of them only.
  • Practical tips related to accommodation, transportation from/to accommodation, within cities and their surroundings, restaurants and shops, health and safety, local language and weather.
  • Detailed and very exact recommendation of places to stay, while in each city you will be able to choose from a variety of accommodation in a strategically determined location.
  • Recommendation of local activities and trips organized by days and exact routes (always with a respective link, e.g. to Google Maps).
  • Recommended restaurants.
  • Links you can click on in order to directly book any of the recommended services for reasonable prices and to obtain further detailed information.
  • You can open the itinerary in any application for reading e-books in EPUB format, e.g. in Apple Books. The text automatically adjusts to the screen size.

itinerary is better than a travel guide

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