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Travelling in a random group with a guide and regular hotel resorts never suited us. Vacations to destinations we wanted to visit were either overpriced or poorly organized by travel agencies.

Although we never had much time to spare, we started to prepare our holidays in detail ourselves. First, we travelled mainly to the U.S. – across the States from east coast to the west, later to Florida and Hawaii. Then we headed in the opposite direction... to New Zealand, Fiji, South Korea, Australia and Cook Islands. We are currently planning a sightseeing road trip in Japan.

You can find our photos and videos from these trips on this web page and also on Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes we also publish videos on YouTube.

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Since we knew from experience that we can plan and organize a vacation very well, we set up a travel agency which exclusively offered tailored trips. For three years we were providing all kinds of travel services to our clients. For the journey we always equipped them with a detailed, leather bound itinerary.

Unfortunately, the conditions for operating a travel agency in the EU do not correspond to the time we live in and English-speaking travellers usually like to arrange for vacation on their own. That is why we decided to offer our regularly updated itineraries in electronic form instead.

And that is how soda and the smart itineraries for independent travellers were born.

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Try to make your travel dreams come true with our itinerary. We have summarized 10 reasons to choose our itinerary over a travel guide or travel agency.

To begin with, we finalized the itinerary for Hawaiian Islands. Later we will add more: Florida, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands, cities of Australia - Sydney and Melbourne (and their surroundings). We have travelled to and in all these destinations ourselves, most of them several times.

While on vacation in Hawaii you can explore all four largest islands or you can choose just some of them. Hawaii is our heart and soul. In winter you will most likely meet us there.

The itinerary for Florida is structured as a classic road trip. We have planned a round trip during which active discovering meets beach lounging. And it works perfectly.

Vacation in New Zealand is a road trip par excellence, accompanied by amazing local activities and even decent adrenaline for those brave enough. The itinerary will guide you across both islands. From New Zealand it is only a few hours by plane to Fiji – the match made in heaven.

We offer the itinerary for Fiji as a stand alone e-book because this beautiful archipelago is certainly worth a separate visit. We have mapped a number of various accommodation facilities on different islands. There is plenty to choose from. Fiji is also recommended in combination with New Zealand or Australia.

Should your heart desire ultimate relaxation (might get quite active as well), let us recommend a well-deserved visit to Cook Islands - Rarotonga and Aitutaki. Our itinerary will take you to the stunning lagoon of Aitutaki for longer than the usual one day trip offered by regular travel agencies.

The itinerary for Australia includes Melbourne, Sydney and their surroundings. This stay is perfect for those who are afraid of driving because you will not need a car at all. For more tropical climate, combine Australia with Fiji which you can reach in four hours by plane.

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From the itinerary for Hawaii you can also choose just one or less than four islands. The same applies to other destinations. In Florida you can take a shorter round trip and you can limit your stay in New Zealand to one of the islands or take an extended trip in the north. More information and various alternatives can be found here.

Similarly it is possible to combine different itineraries and individual destinations within one vacation.

And if you wish to return from your vacation as a married couple, in Hawaii, Fiji or Cook Islands you can arrange a wedding according to the itinerary.

Our itineraries - Australia, New Zealand, Florida, Hawaii, Fiji, Cook Islands
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