Cook Islands travel guide - current COVID-19 situation

itinerary available: December 2020

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Travelling to Cook Islands at the time of COVID (updated 21 Jan. 2022)

June to October

The Cook Islands are currently closed to any and all tourists, unless you have spent the previous 10 consecutive days in New Zealand in which case you qualify for quarantine free travel between New Zealand and the Cook Islands. In this case, however, you also must:

  • Be fully vaccinated;
  • Provide a negative COVID-19 test administered no earlier than 48 hours prior to departure to the Cook Islands;
  • Complete the Cook Islands Ministry of Health travel declaration no earlier than 96 hours before departing New Zealand;
  • Use the official contact tracing system CookSafe (the QR card will be issued to any traveller in flight before they land in the Cook Islands) and the contact tracing app CookSafe+.

You can also find more information for travellers from New Zealand here.

Please note that fully vaccinated international travellers will be probably allowed to enter New Zealand from 30 April 2022. For passengers arriving from Australia New Zealand may possibly re-open even sooner - by the end of February 2022.

If you may travel or want to plan your trip to the Cook Islands, your itinerary is ready.

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