Cheap and discounted flight tickets vs. error fares

Error fares - yes or no?

as per destination

On Facebook you will find many groups or profiles offering, promoting or making cheap and discounted flight tickets public. On our FB fan page we also sometimes publish discounted flight tickets to destinations covered by our itineraries.

It happens that you can fly with an excellent airline on vacation from Europe to Australia or New Zealand at a price of around EUR 1,000 or to Hawaii at the price slightly over EUR 600.

Cheap and discounted flight tickets vs. error fares

From time to time you can come across so-called error fares and dedicated website or bloggers who give advice how to use them.

We advise against using error fares.

It could very well happen that your flight ticket will not be issued or will get cancelled by the airline if booked as a result of an error fare. In such case you would end up with booked accommodation, a car rental or transfers but no flight tickets. While the price of an error fare based flight ticket is incredibly low, passengers may risk much higher costs due to possible cancellation.

Moreover, it is very difficult for travelers with standard work to go on vacation within a strictly limited period of time defined by error fares.

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