Vacation in Florida has more to offer

release date: in 2024


Florida has more to offer

March to July

240! This is the average number of sunny days per year in Florida. No wonder it was nicknamed Sunshine State.

Florida is primarily associated with beaches, especially the South Beach in Miami. The endless field of fine sand, tanned and sporty bodies, multi-storey skyscrapers, Ocean Drive with lots of bars and a restaurant, or art deco style that might be seen as materialization of the American dream. You can explore part of Miami by bicycle and browse the rest by a sightseeing bus. You will also visit less known neighborhoods and discover Miami influenced by Cuban and Caribbean culture.

Equipped with our itinerary and a fully insured car, you will leave Miami behind and uncover the incredible vacation options Florida has to offer. But first, have a cup of an authentic café con leche.

And then you can start, for example, in the national park of endless wetlands known as Everglades, a haven for crocodiles and alligators. Obviously, you will not miss the ride on an airboat.

Take the U.S. Highway 1, which is built on huge pillars in the Gulf of Mexico and make recommended stops in Florida Keys – small and even smaller islands scattered south of the Florida peninsula. At the westernmost one, Key West, you will certainly enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Even though the road ends here, you will be able to go even further – by boat to a national park, consisting of small sandy islands, one of which is home to a 19th century American fortress. The local beaches will convince you of their qualities and the South Beach suddenly looses its very first place in your heart.

A fortress on an island in the middle of nowhere, beautiful beaches and great snorkeling - that's the side of Florida you need to discover

And you haven't seen the endless dunes yet waiting for you in West Florida and on the small islands you can explore there. Some can be accessed by sophisticated bridges or a ferry, while on others you will spend a night or two. You can find out for yourself what shelling means.

The route of your road trip will lead you to an incredible American circus museum and the wonderful complex in which it is located, the very modern Salvador Dalí Museum or a scientific aquarium that is very dear to us because its primary goal is to save marine animals, not to showcase animals for tourist crowds. Perhaps you have not yet known what a manatee is. Nicknamed a sea cow, manatee enjoys great popularity and strong protection in Florida and is, by the way, a mammal.

Find the most amazing beaches in Florida

While road tripping in Florida, beach lounging accompanied by the spectacular pelicans plunging into the water for the fish alternates with active exploring and adrenaline adventures.

Explore Florida - how many pelicans can you count?

In the amusement parks you can thoroughly enjoy dizzying roller coasters, fireworks above Cinderella's castle in Disney World, crazy flight on a broomstick in Harry Potter's wizarding world or a wild ride at Gringotts Bank and breathtaking aquatic attractions in Ocean World, as well as huge killer whales and brisk dolphins.

Fantastic theme parks in Florida

Every space exploration fan will slow down at the Kennedy Space Center, where you can see not only parts of space projects and interactive expositions, but also a real space control center or meet a real life astronaut.

If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, head straight for West Palm Beach, the top-tier American upper-class holiday area. Driving along your recommended route, tour the best beaches of the East Coast, where you can make stops to shop at various designer stores and outlets. If you live abroad, hopefully the dollar exchange rate will be in your favour!

For sure, the more romantic of you will not want to miss the gondola, which will take you along the water canals of Fort Lauderdale also known as the Venice of America.

Discover the hidden treasures of Florida