Road trip in Florida

release date: in 2024


Visit Florida

March to July

How's Florida at the turn of April and May? The highest average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius (82.5 degrees Fahrenheit). On average the sun shines 10 hours a day. And the average seawater temperature is 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit). Thanks to these averages your vacation will be above average! Head for a real American road trip to sunny Florida.

Florida is not just Art Deco in Miami, cocktails on the world famous Ocean Drive and South Beach with body culture present everywhere. You can experience even more during your vacation:

  • Sand beaches of the Florida peninsula and local islands, adrenaline pumping roller coasters, never-ending wetlands of Everglades, night live on the Duval Street, fireworks above Cinderella's castle in Disney World, shopping for labels, modern museum of Salvador Dalí, killer whales and dolphines in Ocean World, million dollar mansions of Palm Beach... Deal with the challenge of flexible packing.

Visit Miami

South Beach, Miami

  • Taste the original café con leche. Board a gondola and take a ride through water canals of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Let yourself be splashed by the sun on an island beach in the Gulf of Mexico and watch the fishing pelicans as they boldly leap from height to water.
  • Are you familiar with the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Have you ever heard of a manatee? Meet and greet the sea cows as some may call them.
  • Ride the water fields of grass on an airboat. Did it mess your hair up? Has your driver only got three fingers because he works with alligators or do you only have a wild imagination?
Have fun at Florida theme parks

Florida will turn you upside down!

  • Take a swim, sorry, a boat to an old american fortress built on the smallest island at the world's edge, surrounded by amazing sand beaches. Its walls, soaked by the waves of sea waves, breathe with U.S. war history of the 19th century.
  • On the platform 9 ¾ board the Hogwarts Express, taste the every flavor beans in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, fly on a broomstick above Hogwarts Castle and join the mad ride in the Gringotts Bank.
  • Drive your car to Key West, the very end of U.S. Highway 1 (US 1) built on pillars above the sea and Florida Keys.

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Our itinerary includes:

  • Recommended accommodation for 20 nights in excellent hotels, motels and apartments in 9 different places, mostly with light breakfast. We have chosen the locations strategically with regard to your road trip route. You can decide to prolong or shorten your stay.
  • Information about international flight tickets.
  • Details about formalities necessary for the purpose of your travel - passport, visa-free registration for entry to the U.S., driving license.
  • Recommendation of transfer to hotel upon arrival.

Sand beaches of Florida are made for fun and relaxation

Fort Lauderdale

  • Recommended car rental, including the most favorable rental conditions.
  • Complete and very detailed program of your entire trip in Florida with lots of useful information and exact routes, structurally organized by days.
  • Recommendation of various local activities or attractions and information about them, including theme parks.
  • Recommended local restaurants.
  • Practical tips related to driving, local customs, health and safety, seasonal events and local weather.
  • Links you can click on in order to directly book any of the recommended services for reasonable prices and to obtain further detailed information.

Make it your journey and your experience. Your adventure!

Road tripping in Florida