Wedding in paradise - Hawaii, Fiji or Cook Islands

Getting married in Hawaii, Fiji or Cook Islands

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Do you just want to elope or do you prefer to get married in the presence of your closest family and friends? Or would you like to plan a big fat beach wedding? Not a problem.

With our itinerary you will be able to arrange for a wedding ceremony and all the necessary formalities in Hawaii, Fiji and Cook Islands - marriage license, marriage certificate and official verification of the marriage certificate which they are most likely to recognize in your home country.

In Fiji or Cook Islands your beach wedding ceremony can be quite intimate. You can organize for live music, toast, cake, private dinner or a photographer.

Elope to Hawaii, Fiji or Cook Islands

Of course there is always flower decoration in place of the ceremony, a bouquet for the bride and a flower wreath for the groom. Presence of guests is encouraged and a wedding reception can be arranged for. And if you really want to make it big, then in Fiji you can rent an entire private island.

Svadba na Havaji - sobáš na Havajských ostrovoch

In Hawaii you can get married on a beach or in the middle of greenery of the island. As a rule, wedding ceremonies are offered in various combinations, depending on the range of services you are interested in. For example, the basic package for the amount of around USD 570 includes:

  • help with planning a wedding and choosing a location,
  • arranging a meeting with a marriage license agent,
  • an outdoor wedding permit and compulsory insurance for that purpose,
  • the wedding ceremony with Hawaiian customs,
  • flower wreaths (lei) for the wedding couple,
  • toast,
  • processing of marriage certificate and procurement of apostille.
Elope or plan your big fat beach wedding in Cook Islands, Fiji or Hawaii

The basic package can be upgraded to include live music. From personal experience we know that ukulele is quite popular and creates great atmosphere. You can order a photographer, cake or wedding dinner at a local restaurant after the wedding ceremony.

Same-sex couples can get legally married in Hawaii, too.

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