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release date: May 2022

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Haiku Stairs

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Of all the Hawaiian Islands, most tourists visit the island of Oahu, where the capital of Honolulu is located. On social media you can find many beautiful photos, however, as the forbidden fruit tastes the best, the most courageous visitors like to show off their photos of views from Haiku Stairs.

Hawaii - vacation of your dreams

Haiku Stairs - metal stairs to fantastic views - are in poor condition and officially closed. Moreover, access to the stairway leads through or in close proximity of private land and their owners are very outraged when tourists try to reach the stairs.

Nevertheless, many try to climb them regularly and some may succeed from time to time, risking a fine of up to USD 1,000.

Such information can be found in our itinerary, too. It offers much more than a regular travel guide book.

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