Hawaii travel guide - current COVID-19 situation

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Hawaii and COVID-19 (updated 15 June 2021)

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First of all, it must be said that Hawaii, as a U.S. state, is currently inaccessible to visitors from those countries that the U.S. government lists as critical.

If you are allowed to travel to the U.S. or plan to travel to Hawaii from the mainland U.S., the following applies to visiting Hawaii...

Before you fly to Hawaii, you need to register online. Upon registration an online questionnaire will be made available to you 24 hours before your departure. After submitting the completed questionnaire, you will receive a QR code via email. Have the QR code available on your mobile phone when arriving in Hawaii.

Upon arrival in Hawaii you have the following options:

  • Mandatory 10-day quarantine. Any violation is subject to a fine of up to USD 5,000 and/or a year imprisonment.
  • You can avoid the mandatory quarantine by showing proof of negative result of a valid COVID-19 test if tested within 72 hours before arrival to Hawaii. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) performed using a nasal swab is required. You will need to show proof of negative test result from a trusted testing sites. Currently, trusted testing partners are located in the U.S., Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, with several airlines being trusted travel partners. You may not opt for the test after arriving in Hawaii. If test results are not available before boarding the final leg of the trip, you must quarantine for 10 days or the length of the stay, whichever is shorter.
  • You can also avoid the mandatory quarantine if you have been vaccinated in Hawaii and received a CDC vaccination record card issued in Hawaii, in which case you must upload a copy of your vaccination card to the Safe Travels website before your flight to Hawaii.
  • There are no exemptions for travellers vaccinated outside of the state of Hawaii. If vaccinated outside of Hawaii you must still quarantine or get a pre-travel test from a trusted partner. However, when the state reaches a 60% vaccination rate, individuals vaccinated in the U.S. who are travelling domestically will be able to bypass the testing/quarantine requirement with proof of vaccination uploaded to the Safe Travels website.
  • If travelling to Maui, before your arrival you are required to download the AlohaSafe Alert application or other Google-Apple exposure notification system application.

After your arrival they may measure your temperature at the airport. If it is higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), you will be required to complete a secondary screening at the airport.

Please note that when the state of Hawaii hits a 70% vaccination rate, all travel restrictions from the mainland U.S. will be lifted. Currently, the vaccination rate is at 55%.

There are no travel restrictions for inter-island flights because 55% of all Hawaii residents have been fully vaccinated.

You can find more information on travel requirements to (in) Hawaii here and more information on current situation (COVID-19 cases) here.

In everything else you can rely on our current itinerary, because it contains links through which you can check whether an activity is available or a restaurant is open. The itinerary provides tips on what to see and do in Hawaii. It offers much more than a regular travel guide to make your vacation in Hawaii unique.

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