Hawaii travel guide - current COVID-19 situation

release date: May 2022

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Hawaii travel restrictions related to COVID (updated 2 January 2024)

throughout the year

Proof of vaccination and a pre-travel test are no longer required from international air travellers.

For flights from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii and inter-island flights no travel restrictions apply either.

You can find more information on travel requirements to (in) Hawaii here and more information on current situation (COVID-19 cases) here.

In everything else you can rely on our current itinerary. The itinerary provides tips on what to see and do in Hawaii so that you can easily plan your vacation in Hawaii and explore Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Island of Hawaii (Big Island) stress-free. It offers much more than a regular travel guide to make your vacation in Hawaii unique. If you want to visit just one Hawaiian island, check out our special edition Just An Island?.

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