Plan your own vacation

When is it best to start planning your vacation according to our itinerary?

as per destination

In January it is high time to book if you want to visit Florida in April or May. These dates are ideal as for weather and accommodation prices.

Start booking in summer at the latest if you live in the northern hemisphere and want to spent your winter in Australia or New Zealand.

You can visit Hawaii throughout the whole year, but if you want to make use of lower accommodation prices in April and May or September and October, book about four months in advance.

We recommend that you plan your vacation in Fiji or Cook Islands several months in advance mainly due to airfare and availability of the best accommodation on small islands.

If you wish to spend Christmas or New Year's Eve – either in Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji or Australia – don't wait until November to plan and book your stay, because it will certainly cost more (if good accommodation is still available at that time).

Accommodation in Hawaii

Planning is the mother of travel at reasonable prices.

In principle, it is never too early to download our itinerary and start booking recommended services. As a rule, as soon as you can buy flight tickets, it is adviseable to check and if necessary book the remaining services.

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