How to get internet and be online abroad while on vacation

Internet access while traveling abroad

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You can make the most of our itineraries if you have internet access while traveling. If you are not online, the clickable links will not open, which means that you will not get access to some interesting information and the routes in Google Maps, which are a very practical solution within our itineraries, will not automatically load. Without internet access, you can still use the "offline maps" feature and download the destination map to your mobile device, but you will have to search in Google Maps manually.

However, roaming fees can be quite expensive and getting a local SIM card while on vacation can be complicated, as it is necessary e.g. to be familiar with the options available.

We know from our own experience that it pays off to use an international data SIM card while abroad. From the various solutions we had the opportunity to try out, we highly recommend Airalo.

Vacation in Hawaii

The Airalo mobile app for iPhone or Android allows you to choose a specific country where you want to use the data SIM card. The service uses an eSIM, so you do not have to physically insert any card into your mobile phone. However, your mobile device must support eSIM. It is ideal if your phone supports dual eSIM.

There are local, regional or global eSIMs to choose from in the app. As a rule, the local ones are the most cost-effective, unless you travel more often within a certain region.

After selecting the country, in the app you have the option to choose a time-limited data package, i.e. prepaid data volume available for a certain period of time (usually 7 or 30 days). Of course, you can top up at any time without having to install a new eSIM.

Let's say I have a SIM inserted or eSIM installed in my mobile device. The SIM inserted or eSIM installed was provided by my home mobile operator. My phone allows me to install at least one more eSIM. I download and activate this eSIM through Airalo:

  • I download and install the Airalo app on my mobile device.
  • In the app I first choose the country in which I want to use the internet and then the data package (with a specific data volume valid for a certain period of time).
  • I install the selected eSIM in my mobile phone.
  • I activate the installed eSIM using the Airalo app.
Vacation in New Zealand

You can find more information about eSIM installation here and about the use of eSIM here.

The Airalo app has a data eSIM available in all destinations for which we have published itineraries, except for the Cook Islands. However, in the Cook Islands itinerary we provide information on local pre-paid SIM cards that you can purchase on arrival in Rarotonga.

During your vacation in Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Australia or San Francisco, you can therefore make full use of all the features that our itinerary offers. You will use the automatic loading of routes from the itinerary mostly during your road trip in New Zealand or Hawaii. On vacation in Australia, pre-set walking routes in Sydney and Melbourne or automatic search for public transport will be of great help to any visitor. Should you decide to ride a bicycle around the island of Rarotonga, the route map will be just a click away. Traveling and exploring has never been easier.

Please note that the service providers we recommend (e.g. flights, transfers, car rental, accommodation, local activities or restaurants) have not provided us with any benefits for being listed in our itineraries. The same applies to Airalo.