Vacation in New Zealand

release date: November 2020

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Vacation in New Zealand, both islands

December to March

Embark on an adventurous journey and discover the natural wonders of the South and/or North Island of New Zealand:

  • Let yourself be warmly received and then scared in a whirl of the pre-combat dance haka performed by descendants of New Zealand's indigenous peoples, Māori.
  • Discover the edge of the world in the bays surrounded by steep cliffs and sprayed by never-ending waterfalls, where seals bask on black rocks and dolphins thank for all the fish.
  • Cross the volcano mountains and conquer one of the most rewarding hiking trails in New Zealand. With a little luck, the clouds on the peaks will rise and you will get to see the one and only Mount Doom.
  • Relax in a spa and find zen in the haze rising from magical waterfalls.
Discover New Zealand and its hidden treasures
  • Take a look around from the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere.
  • Wander in the darkness of New Zealand caves illuminated by glowworms. Sure, they are cannibals, but you are safe. The more active ones can try out abseiling, cave tubing, ziplining and jumping off cave waterfalls.
  • Take a helicopter to the top of a glacier. Not adrenaline enough? Then dare to (tandem) skydive! Those chills will not be caused by local weather.
  • Hike the valley of glaciers and cross suspension bridges to New Zealand's highest peak.
  • At 90 kph (56 mph) speed along a winding river at the bottom of a deep canyon.
Explore New Zealand - land your helicopter on a glacier
  • Get on a bike and go on a trip over suspension bridges to views you will never forget.
  • Take your courage in both hands and bungy jump in the very place of its birth - from an old bridge overlooking a wild river. Shaken? Calm your nerves by tasting the famous New Zealand wines.
  • Breathe in the sulfur haze of a place with strong geothermal activity and try the beneficial effects the local mud has on wrinkles caused by your mimic muscles.
  • Take a heartwarming look at a few days old chick of the nocturnal bird Kiwi, a unique indigenous New Zealander.
  • As part of the extended route, visit volcanic black sand beaches and the northernmost point of New Zealand with an idyllic lighthouse, where the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet.
  • Explore the bay of the iron-bound cathedral on kayaks, hike along a remote coast and dig your own spa on the beach.
New Zealand is the most wonderful vacation destination for adventure seekers

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Our itinerary includes:

  • Recommended accommodation for 13 nights in excellent hotels or motels, which we have chosen with great emphasis on strategic location along the planned route. In cities and larger towns you will be staying in the center of it all.
  • If you wish to extend your stay or visit the North Island only, we recommend an extended route on the North Island for additional 5 days.
  • Information about international flight tickets as well as inter-island flights, so you don't have to drive too much.
  • Details about formalities necessary for the purpose of your travel - passport, visa-free registration for entry to New Zealand, driving license.
Road trip in New Zealand
  • Recommended car rental on both islands (preferably in category midsize-SUV).
  • Complete and very detailed program of your entire trip in New Zealand with lots of useful information, structurally organized by days.
  • Recommendation of local activities and trips with exact routes (information on distance also in time and always with a respective link to Google Maps).
  • Recommended local restaurants.
  • Practical tips related to accommodation, car rental and driving, inter-island flights, restaurants and shops, health and safety, as well as local weather.
  • Links you can click on in order to directly book any of the recommended services for reasonable prices and to obtain further detailed information.

Make it your journey and your experience. Your adventure!

New Zealand holiday