Vacation in Hawaii, New Zealand, Florida, Fiji, Cook Islands and Australia

Do you consider a 21-day vacation too long?

as per destination

The length of stay as defined in most of our itineraries refers to the ideal case when you can leave for 2-3 weeks and want to explore everything we recommend.

However, you can choose the length of your stay as you prefer. Just customize the contents of the itinerary to your shortened or extended stay.

Visit Hawaii, New Zealand, Florida, Fiji, Cook Islands and Australia

Your vacation in Hawaii may cover all four main islands or just some of them. We especially recommend the combination of Maui and Kauai. If you do not want to change accommodation, choose only one island depending on whether you want to see volcanoes, waterfalls, fantastic beaches, rain forest or something from everything. See the itinerary for the necessary information.

The same applies to your vacation in Florida. You can shorten the route of your road trip and choose the stops that will be most interesting for you.

Your stay in New Zealand will ideally last either 14 or 19 days, during which you can see and explore the best from both islands. We think that when you are there, you will surely like to see both New Zealand islands, because each one is different and both are fantastic. However, you can choose to visit just one of them.

According to the itinerary, the length of your stay in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney, incl. their surroundings, such as Great Ocean Road or Blue Mountains) is not long at all. So, if you have more vacation days to spare, stay longer (you will not be bored for sure) or fly for a few days to Fiji, too.

You can visit Cook Islands or Fiji even for a week only. But beware, do so only if you want to regret not staying for two.

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