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If you think that one destination does not make for perfect vacation, you can combine multiple itineraries. The following combinations make sense for logistical reasons and when considering the local weather:

  • It makes sense to combine New Zealand and Fiji because in New Zealand only the hardy ones will be able to really enjoy the beach. Moreover, vacation in New Zealand is mostly (if not only) about discovering and sightseeing, while in Fiji you can relax (actively even) on a tropical island which will suit you perfectly after having explored New Zealand. Fiji is only 3 hours away from New Zealand (by plane, of course), and you can fly back home from Fiji without having to return to New Zealand.
Fiji vacation


  • Australia and Fiji are the perfect match if you do not want to drive on your vacation, you love beaches and exploring big cities, while you cannot really visit Sydney and Melbourne without taking trips to see all the natural wonders close by, e.g. Great Ocean Road or Blue Mountains. You can then fast forward from the city beaches of Sydney and Melbourne to a small island in the Fiji archipelago.
  • For many travellers, Hawaii and San Francisco are on the same route in which case it is quite simple to make a stop in San Francisco on your way back from Hawaii. San Francisco with its typical architecture and unpredictable weather lays in contrast to sunny and lush Hawaii. Embrace the change of pace.
Vacation in Australia, New Zealand, Florida, Hawaii, Fiji, Cook Islands

  • Combine Australian cities with New Zealand if you have enough vacation days and love to explore. It only takes a 4-hour flight between these best of frenemies. In Australia you will not have to drive at all, while in New Zealand you will enjoy fantastic road trips.
Vacation in New Zealand

New Zealand, south island

  • Accept the challenge of New Zealand and Hawaii if you do not mind driving on the left and then on the right, but mostly... if you love to discover. In Hawaii active exploring can wonderfully interlace with absolute beach relaxation. However, it only makes sense if you have at least 4 weeks of vacation to spare.
  • Australia and Hawaii are a combination that none of us has dared to conquer yet. The most probable reason is the long flight (about 10 hours) between G'day and Aloha, as well as the longer stay which is needed to make this combination really work. Anyway, it is an incredible opportunity to connect the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne and their exceptional surroundings with fantastic Hawaii and its amazing waterfalls, sand beaches, rain forest and volcanoes.
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Vacation in Australia

Australia, Melbourne

Vacation in Hawaii

Hawaii, Kauai