Driving on vacation and car rental in Florida, Hawaii and New Zealand

Are you concerned about driving in a foreign country?

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First of all, we have to say that to drive while on vacation in Hawaii is extraordinarily simple. In the spirit of aloha and established speed limits, people drive quite slowly on Hawaiian Islands. The road network is very simple and other drivers are considerate. Moreover, you will rent a car with automatic transmission and full insurance incl. collision damage waiver (which means no deductible).

Driving on vacation and car rental in Florida, Hawaii and New Zealand

Clickable links in the itinerary will show you precise routes.

If these facts don't convince you, you can choose from destinations where you won't have to drive – Australia, Fiji or Cook Islands.

On the other hand, being honest, we will never persuade you to go on vacation with our itinerary to New Zealand or Florida if you're concerned about driving a car yourself.

In New Zealand the road network is quite simple, but the distances to be traveled by car on the islands are not the shortest. However, should the length of the local routes not cause any wrinkles on your forehead or you have a good plastic surgeon (to deal with such wrinkles), there's nothing to worry about.

In Florida you will drive on multi-lane highways as well as regular roads. Getting out of Miami by car can sometimes be stressful, especially during rush hour, but driving on highway is more or less routine. It pays to dust off your adventurous self and drive by car outside Miami, because Florida has so much more to offer.

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