Explore New Zealand actively

release date: November 2020

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Explore New Zealand actively, both islands

December to March

Discover New Zealand actively by car (SUV), from water and the air. During 14 days, you will stay in 10 different, strategically selected locations on both islands. If you wish to prolong your stay, we recommend an extended route in 2 other locations on the North Island for additional 5 days. You can conveniently fly between the islands to save time. In the description of the destination you can read more about what you will experience and see.

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Our itinerary includes:

  • Recommended accommodation for 13 nights in excellent hotels or motels, which we have chosen with great emphasis on strategic location along the planned route. In cities and larger towns you will be staying in the center of it all.
  • If you wish to extend your stay or visit the North Island only, we recommend an extended route on the North Island for additional 5 days.
  • Information about international flight tickets as well as inter-island flights, so you don't have to drive too much.
Road trip in New Zealand
  • Details about formalities necessary for the purpose of your travel - passport, visa-free registration for entry to New Zealand, driving license.
  • Recommended car rental on both islands (preferably in category midsize-SUV). A travel agency would most likely choose a lower vehicle category for you. However, we think that on the road you have to feel safe and have a good view while driving, especially when driving on the left side of the road! According to the itinerary, on the North Island you will drive almost 600 km (370 miles) and on the South Island more than 2,000 km (1,240 miles). Car insurance is financially quite demanding in New Zealand and collision damage waiver is not always possible in which case you would need to bear the deductible in the amount of several thousand New Zealand dollars. In the itinerary we will recommend a car rental company that will not leave you hanging in case of car damage. They will cover your deductible (depending on the type of car rental).
Discover the best of New Zealand
  • Complete and very detailed program of your entire trip in New Zealand with lots of useful information, structurally organized by days.
  • Recommendation of local activities and trips with exact routes (information on distance also in time and always with a respective link to Google Maps).
  • Recommended local restaurants.
  • Practical tips related to accommodation, car rental and driving, inter-island flights, restaurants and shops, health and safety, as well as local weather.
  • Links you can click on in order to directly book any of the recommended services for reasonable prices and to obtain further detailed information.

Make it your journey and your experience. Your adventure!

New Zealand is made for all adventure seekers